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"Do Hypnosis CDs Really Work?

No one doubts the value of self-help books, even though they are not meant to replace one-to-one therapy, coaching or training. In a similar way self-hypnosis is not intended to replace one-to-one hypnotherapy... in fact hypnosis CDs have a tremendous power and effectiveness all of their own. Just as live hypnotherapy has clear advantages, so hypnosis audio has its own, special advantages.

Tips for getting the most from your hypnosis CD or Mp3 download

A brief article outlining why it is nearly always best to sit upright rather than actually lie down when using self-hypnosis CD - plus advice about where, when and how often you should listen. There is also a note about the benefit of repeated listening and how you should bear this in mind before deciding which recording you will buy.

How to lose weight easily and permanently

Abandon conventional dieting and adopt this simple eating and exercise regime that will gradually and permanently take you down to your natural, slimmer bodyweight. This article compares comfort eating to drug addiction and explodes the myth that that losing weight need involve either hardship or hunger.

How to overcome public speaking nerves

There are times when we all talk confidently and un-selfconsciously, like when relating something to a good friend or relative. Speaking confidently in public is more a case of being the person you already are than about trying to learn and memorise "essential" skills, techniques and abilities. This simple article goes against the grain of most advice for improving public speaking. It will show you how "letting go of looking good and sounding good" is the key to taking all the pressure off yourself before and during any kind of talk, speech or presentation. This will make it so much easier for you to focus off yourself and become interested and absorbed in what you are talking about.

How to Overcome Sleeping Problems or insomnia

Learn the incredibly simple solution that will enable you to quickly solve your insomnia or sleeping problems. Most of this article is a detailed explanation and justification of this solution, which will hopefully convince you that sometimes the simplest and most straight forward answers in life are the right ones!

Discover how in order to get a good night's sleep, all you need to do is to model yourself on those who are the world experts in consistently getting a good night's sleep - young children. You will also find a useful list of common mistakes people make that prevent them from sleeping well.

"Don't Worry - It makes you ill!"

This is a self improvement eBook article, published in PDF format, that I originally wrote to help those with stress-related illnesses to abandon the habits of worrying and thinking things over the whole time. Its about how to stop living in the world of thought and get back to "living in the moment."

If you are a chronic worrier or procrastinator, this may be just what you need!

"Does the Out-of-body Experience (OBE) have an Innate Function?"

Another PDF eBook (26 pages). This is a research article based on my own M.Phil. studies of 1994 and you might find it interesting if you are curious about OBEs, or have had one, or a near death experience yourself.

I should mention that people do not tend to spontaneously "float out of the body" during hypnosis. In fact it's more likely to occur during yoga or mediation. (Deliberately inducing OBEs in hypnosis is another matter...)Those who have them, invariably report extremely positive and pleasant experiences.

Self hypnosis script 1.
"Daily self-hypnosis for general self improvement"

If you fancy hypnotising yourself, here is a script that will get you started - you can even use it every day. It is an all round booster for the mind and body and is designed to help you improve confidence, self esteem, and to help you become a more relaxed, happier person. It will also help with creativity, reduce stress and improve sleep. There are brief comments on how to record the script for yourself and even tailor it for your own specific needs.

Self hypnosis script 2. : "Self-hypnosis script to combat neurological illness"

As part of my degree in the early 90's I was taught health psychology by Dr. Anne Manyande at Thames Valley University, London. She opened my eyes to the tremendous influence of the mind and personality on illness. She had also carried out ground breaking research using visualisation tapes. Her recordings, which contained positive messages to help speed post operative recovery, were remarkably successful. When I later became a hypnotherapist, this area quickly became a speciality and I was not surprised at how often hypnosis helps with all kinds of illness.

This script is specifically aimed at neurological illness and is based on one I included in my book: "Multiple Sclerosis, The Healing Power of the Mind."




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